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High-Deflection Pinion Seal

The high-deflection pinion seal is a specialized type of radial shaft seal designed to provide superior sealing performance in high-speed, high-load, and high-deflection applications. The high-deflection pinion seal is engineered to withstand extreme operating conditions including high temperatures, high pressures, and heavy loads.

High-Speed, High-Deflection Pinion Seal

Recommended Applications

  • High-Speed, High-Runout

ESP Solutions

  • High-Tear Strength NBR Bellows for Extended Life Under Extreme Runout Conditions
  • Steel Garter Spring for Even Seal Loads with Hydrodynamic Aids Molded into the Sealing Lip
  • Bore-Coated Steel Outer Shell for Ease of Installation & Superior Bore Sealing
  • Peek Centralizer to Guide the Sealing Lip Under Extreme Runout Conditions