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TSR/TSL9 Cassette Seals

Cassette seals are crucial in ensuring the proper functioning of equipment and machinery, preventing damage and reducing maintentance costs. It is specifically designed to fit into the groove of a cassette or housing unit, providing a secure seal between the stationary and rotating components.

Recommended Applications

  • Heavy Mud & Contamination Exposure
  • Rear Axle, 4WD Front Axle Hub
High Contamination TSR - TSL9 Cassette Seals

Field Performance

  • 300,000+ in the field
  • Reduced Failure by 14%
  • 1.5x Life
  • 1,000 Hours in Wet Condition
    • No need for shaft grinding

Market Pains

  • Failures < 500 hours
  • High torque/drag post installation
  • Housing damage during installation of seal at service level

ESP Solutions

  • Updated internal profile with axial loading lips for better contaminant resistance
  • Chaplets design to accommodate axial load post installation
  • Ribbed rubber OD design for ease of installation

Cassette Seal Product Features