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O-Ring Manufacturing

O-Rings O-Ring Types

Standard O-Ring Information

Standard O-ring Information O-rings are among the sealing classics at par excellence, this product represents highest form of diversity. It’s areas of application are as diverse as its variety, ranging from tap fittings to air- conditioning systems, from the car engine to the dental drill, each type requiring to meet the custom – specifications. Our mastery prevents the appearance of any parting lines thus rendering a seamless complete ‘O’ cross section to achieve precise sealing solutions.

O-Ring Types:

  • Round O-Ring
  • Lathe Cuts
  • Quad Rings
  • Back-up Rings
  • Encapsulated O-Rings

Standard O-Ring Manufacturing Sizes

AS 568, BS 4518, GB/T 3452.1, JIS B2401 P/G/S/V, SMS 1586 , METRIC and JASO F404.

Custom O-Ring Manufacturing Sizes

  • Smallest 0.5mm (ID) x 0.5mm (CS)
  • Largest 1600mm (ID) x 50mm (CS)

O-Ring Materials

Elastomer ASTM Designation Durometer Range Shelf Life Recommended For
Nitrile NBR 40 - 90 15 Years Petroleum oils and fuels, silicone oils and greases, propane, ethylene glycol, butane, vegetable, mineral oils and greases, dilute acids, and water and steam applications (below 212°F).
Hydrogenated Nitrile HNBR 50 - 90 15 Years Petroleum oils and fuels, R134a refrigerant gas, silicone oils and greases, ozone applications, vegetable and animal fats and fluids, water and steam (up to 300° F).
Fluorocarbon (Viton®) FKM 55 - 90 25 Years Petroleum oils and fuel, non flammable hydraulic fuels, acids, aircraft engine applications, synthetic hydraulic fluids, organic solvents, mineral and vegetable oil and grease, aliphatic hydrocarbons (butane, propane, natural gas), hard vacuum applications, silicone oils and greases, solvents and water or steam (up to 400°F)
Perfluoroelastomer FFKM 65 - 90 25 Years Aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, polar solvents (ketones, esters, ethers), inorganic and organic acids, water and steam.
Ethylene Propylene EPDM 40 - 95 25 Years Can be used in water and steam (up to 300°F), glycol based brake fluids, silicone-based break fluids, many organic and inorganic acids, cleaning agents, sodium and potassium alkalis, phosphate ester based hydraulic fluids, silicone oil and grease, alcohols, ketones, esters and ozone.
Silicone VMQ 20 - 80 25 Years Temperature range of -60° F to 400° F with some formulations up to 450° F. Physiologically neutral properties, good insulating, excellent ozone and weather resistance, food grade compatibility.
Fluorosilicone FVMQ 40 - 80 25 Years Aerospace, jet fuel applications, engine gaskets, automotive emission control systems, fuel pumps and tank systems.
Polyacrylate ACM 40 - 90 15 Years Engines and transmissions with good resistance to petroleum fuels and oils, automatic transmission fluid, type A power steering fluid.
Chloroprene (Neoprene®) CR 40 - 90 15 Years Chloroprene (CR) o-rings are typically seen in the refrigeration sector, as they demonstrate remarkable resistance to chemicals such as ammonia and a variety of coolants.
Butyl IIR 30 - 90 15 Years General purpose applications, vacuum, and low compression set.
Tetrafluoroethylene TFE/P 40 - 90 15 Years Automotive engine coolants, motor oils, some brake fluids, and steering fluids; food and pharmaceutical applications, wide temperature range from -40° C to +200° C with special formulations to 250° C.
Polyurethane AU 40 - 90 5 Years Engines and transmissions with good resistance to petroleum fuels and oils, automatic transmission fluid, type A power steering fluid.