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Rubber Mixing, Processing, & Preforming

Mixing & Processing

Rubber mixing, processing, and preforming are three essential steps in manufacturing radial shaft seals.

What is Rubber Mixing?

Rubber mixing combines the ingredients that make up the rubber compound, such as natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, and vulcanizing agents.

When done correctly, the mixing process ensures that the rubber compound is evenly distributed, which results in improved properties such as strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear.

What is Rubber Processing?

Rubber processing is the process of shaping the rubber compound into the desired form.

What is Rubber Preforming?

Rubber preforming is the process of creating a rough or unfinished version of the seal by shaping the rubber compound into the approximate shape of the finished seal.

It is critical to maintain the accuracy of the weight of the preform as lower weight will result in unfill / tear and higher weight will result in excess flash which increases product cost

The rubber mixing, processing, and preforming steps are all important in ensuring that the radial shaft seal is properly manufactured and that it will perform its intended function.

Shell Processing Phospating

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Rubber Closed Loop Preformer

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